How I Work

I usually work face to face but also have clients abroad who have sessions via Skype or the telephone.

My approach is eclectic – I see psychotherapy as an alliance between me and my clients. Over time we work out together which theoretical approach is likely to be most effective for the unique individual seeking my assistance.

I see the work as being primarily about creating and holding a completely safe, respectful, sacred space, where we create the possibility of a person encountering the truth of who they are and what they want to be and how they want to live, without judgement.  I seek to liberate people into their life of authentic passion, whatever that may be for them.

I hold the Jungian analyst Dr James Hollis in particular regard and love his definition of psychotherapy as ‘attending the soul’.

For me psychotherapy is both art and science; feeling and thinking; conscious and unconscious; rational and deeply mysterious.