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Gil Dove and Associates
The colleagues with whom I undertake most leadership training assignments. Recent projects include working with media companies, a large public service organisation and presenting a lecture for MBA students at INSEAD entitled ‘Love Leadership and Superteams’.
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The Mankind Project
My preferred personal development course for men. I know of no organisation better suited for men interested in bringing to life the work of Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly.

If you search the web you can find plenty of accusatory, defamatory and derogatory attacks against the Mankind Project, including claims it is a cult, that it hates women and that it humiliates and shames men on its programs. My personal experience is directly opposite to these allegations: I believe MKP to be a force for good, in a world where men collectively need honouring, holding to account for their actions and sacred initiation into healthy masculinity.
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British Psychological Society
The professional organisation with which I am chartered.

The site provides useful and insightful content and also provides a search system to locate chartered psychologists in all areas of speciality.
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Performance and Media
Andy Evans, with whom I established Arts Psychology Consultants in 1988, is the other lead UK psychologist on all matters relating to the performing arts.
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British Association of Performing Arts Medicine
A wonderful charity providing a portal for performing artists to access medical expertise in all areas of specialisation.
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The Health Professions Council
The professional body with whom I am registered
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James Hollis
Dr James Hollis is my principle professional influence. I have recently filmed an extended interview with him which will be available soon as a DVD release.